Trends and prospects in building homes

Trends and prospects in building homesThis year continues the demand of houses in minimalist style, modern, simple and stripped. Also in classic style with colonial, Tuscan or sloping and flat roofs or Argentine countryside.

The advances in technology came to stay and settle in the current and future constructions. One of the branches of the construction that has grown strongly in recent times is the home theater, which is the set of systems capable of automating a housing. Within it, there is a wide range of possibilities, always talking about houses high-end, because their cost is high.

Anyway, it is always convenient to find out about all the latest offering the market to then decide if something can be implemented or not. This is because in some cases, there is no much difference in price and it’s materials or products that can bring benefits such as durability, low consumption, robustness, security, etc.

Materials that prevail in general are the masonry with application of plastic siding, PVC or aluminium of large dimensions and high ceilings, openings and revoked because they are endings which comply with the requirements of design of modern houses. Continues the trend to sue technical advances in openings, in systems of air conditioning in thermal insulation, in equipment of kitchens and bathrooms, security, etc.

While there are endless new on the market, are within the same system of traditional construction: the House is built as always but with materials of higher pressure tightness, insulation, nobility that add value to a home and give you more quality and best endings.

Within the countries and gated communities, predominantly constructions from 120 m2 which is the minimum demanded by some districts, although many are demanding 140 m2 up to 260 m2. These are the ‘standard’ measures for construction and in our study are called “houses DT’ which – for those films – there are default models that streamline and economize both the project and the construction.

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