Tips for maintaining your wood furniture

 Tips for maintaining your wood furnitureWhether you’re a large oak dining table or a classic cherry wood closet where your favorite tableware in state – you must maintain them properly (also we would like it to be otherwise). To ensure that your wood furniture there effectively continue to see, we will give you some helpful tips (grandmothers).

1. know your type of wood
Prevention is better than cure. Each type of wood is different. The one may be bad against the moisture, the other good. Each species responds differently to certain circumstances and if you know this.

Beech wood
This is one of the most popular wood species. However, it is not really durable and bad resistance to bad weather. Advantage is that beech wood is easy to edit.
Oak wood
Once again popular. This wood species is pretty strong and relatively flexible, but not very good resistance to moisture.
Cherry wood
This hardwood is resistant to warping and shrinking, but is quite expensive.
Mahogany wood
This type of wood is very durable and resistant to off, shrinking and warping.
A cheaper variant of hardwood and easy to edit.
Teak wood
This hardwood is resistant to warping, cracking and can be good against moisture. Therefore it is also suitable as garden furniture.
Whitewood is pretty cheap, easy to edit, but can be bad from moisture.
Scaffolding wood
Special kind of Whitewood which is often reused.

2. ensure the right conditions
You increase the life of your wood furniture by taking into account the humidity, temperature and light intensity of the environment. You can work out the best humidity by water containers to the radiators of your heating to hang, or moisture absorbers as needed. A constant temperature (plus minus 21 degrees Celsius) is the best for your furniture. Note also with light: this may discolour the wood.

3. Scrub, wax, oil
Too much waxing is not good, but it’s definitely good to every now and then your wood furniture in the wash or by any other way. Again, that every type of wood should be treated in a different way. So is suitable for light and dark wood and teak oil do you use for reddish wood the best linseed oil.

Grandmother tips
No wax at home? Look good in your kitchen cabinets. Of these remedies go your wooden furniture shining again!
Oak furniture
You go again shining oak furniture by a mixture of 1 liter of beer and 1 teaspoon thistle oil.
Walnut furniture
Substance you can do best with milk.
Stained furniture
Rub your stained furniture with beeswax, never use a damp cloth.

Did you know that?
The layer of furniture you can easily remove with Apple Cider vinegar. And paste your table? This is due to the varnish. The only thing that helps is sanding.

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