Rainwater Harvesting Options for the Typical Homeowner

In recent years the government has been really keen to push a green agenda. Renewable energy initiatives are getting a boost in the form of tax breaks and funding but if you’re keen on doing your bit but not sure where to start, how about doing something as simple as installing a rainwater harvesting system?


Watering the garden


It sounds complicated but it can be something as simple as a large container located somewhere in your garden. As it rains this container will slowly fill up with rainwater. The idea is that once you have enough you can use it to water your plants and your lawn, thus not having to tap into the mains water supply. If you’re a keen gardener and you water your plants frequently, this approach can really help slash your water bill.


A larger option


If you’re keen to use rainwater for something more than just watering your garden, then why don’t you consider fitting a tank? You’ll be surprised at how much water it can hold. These tanks look like large metal or plastic containers although you will need to acquire a bunded one, similar to those manufactured by Blake Group. A bunded container is a special type of container, which prevents spillage and breaches. You don’t want to collect rainwater all year only to find that it’s leaked out and flooded your garden. In fact, we’ve heard some horror stories where a water tank has split and forced thousands of gallons of water into the foundations of its owner’s house, with the result being a bill for tens of thousands of pounds. All this can be avoided if you go with a certified supplier and a properly bunded container. The best way to check this is to purchase a tank that conforms to OFTEC standards.


Fancy a drink?


Some tanks now also come with built-in filtration. This means that you can use your water tank not only to water your lawn and flowers, but also to shower and bath, and best of all filtered water is pure enough to drink too!


These may initially cost more than your standard rain harvesting systems, but they’ll save you the most amount of money on your water bill than any other type of system, since you’ll hardly use your mains water at all.


No matter which option you go for, investing in a rain harvesting system is regarded as one of the trendiest green thing to do at the moment. You can start off with something as cheap as a container in the garden and end up saving a great deal of money. If you proceed to get a large-scale and permanent solution, it can also help increase the value of your property.


If you live in a place where there is a lot of drought, then a tank can really help you, not only save money, but also provide your home with water all year round. Fortunately, such places are few and far between in our country, although it might still be something you consider to negotiate one of the seemingly annual hosepipe bans.

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