Procedural DIY and landscaping for summer

If a man’s home is his castle, what is his backyard? The backyard should be accorded the same reverence as the home. Your backyard is, after all, an extension of your home- a reflection of your lifestyle and priorities. If you’ve come to this conclusion already, you might be considering a spot of DIY landscaping. And there’s no better time to get cracking than now, with long summer days and balmy nights well within sight.

If this is your first go at DIY landscaping, you’ll probably need a bit of guidance concerning procedural matters. First things first the key to successful DIY landscaping is planning. What do you want to do, and how do you want to do it? Which natural features of your backyard would you like to play up? Are your plans suitable for the terrain of your backyard? Do you want a space young children can happily tear up, or a sophisticated entertaining area for summer cocktail parties? (and can you possibly have BOTH?!) Many landscaping projects are launched with high hopes and great expectation, only to flounder due to poor plant choices. Plants that look beautiful in Spring, for instance, can rapidly wilt with the onset of summer, leaving you with a less than luscious oasis. The solution? Select drought resistant plants. Ensuring you’ve done your homework with regards to what will work, climatically, in your neck of the words, will save much precious time and money.

Once you’ve mapped out a plan for your backyard, you’ll need to compile a comprehensive list of the tools and equipment required to properly execute it. With the right planning and equipment, it’s possible to create landscapes you may have thought beyond the capabilities of amateur DIY’ers. Water features, gazebos, greenhouses- you can do all this yourself, and for a fraction of the cost of enlisting a professional service. Perhaps you feel inhibited by the size of your backyard? With careful planning, you’ll be surprised at how many of your desired features you’ll be able to pack in.

Summer is the ideal time to create an inviting garden lounge room, through the use of outdoor furniture, shade sails and drought resistant greenery. Water features can provide a relaxing, beautiful focus for your summer backyard. Give some thought to what style of landscaping will suit your needs best.

Making your own Japanese garden is an increasingly popular option for DIY landscapers, and the cool, tranquil nature of these spaces provides the ideal foil for Summers harsh heat. Creating a Japanese garden can be as simple or complex as you choose. As a starting point, you’ll need rocks, stepping stones, lanterns, and a bridge. Japanese trees you might like to consider include cherry blossoms, juniper, and pines. A water feature is par for the course in Japanese gardens, but if you want to skip this feature, raked sand or crushed white stone can be used to represent water.

Tranquillity not your cup of tea? Maybe you’d prefer the riotous color and quirky accents of a Mexican garden. Mexican gardens are built for socialising, with people at the forefront of every feature. Comfortable benches and chairs should be placed in areas shaded from the sun. Planting a range of succulents and cacti in brightly painted terracotta pots is a simple way to add a Mexican flourish to your outdoor space. Consider brilliant bursts of colour in the form of densely planted flowerbeds. As with Japanese gardens, water features make frequent appearances in Mexican gardens and courtyards. These needn’t be complicated, domineering aspects of your outdoor area. A small, mosaiced wall feature will do the job nicely.

Landscape gardening provides the perfect forum to really let your imagination run wild, and allows you to properly utilise all the space you have.

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