LIGHTING TIP: "THE BEDROOM"By a certain kind of lamps to choose the atmosphere in a room is directly determined. Not for nothing is well chosen lighting according to interior designers to determine the most important aspect to atmosphere in a room.

This lighting tip is dedicated to the bedroom. By combining the right lighting your bedroom is not just a place to sleep but also to relax after a busy day. Lighting creates atmosphere, highlighting and decoration.

What kinds of lighting we distinguish?

General lighting

The light fixture to the ceiling in the bedroom is ideal for general lighting. You can think of a ceiling lamp, hanging lamp or chandelier. Please take into account the height of your ceiling because you want to be able to walk underneath them. We recommend a lamp which has a decent light intensity in may so that when you’re in your bedroom you enough light has to walk around or to see yourself in the mirror. We here give you some examples of bedrooms with combined the lamps that will do well as general lighting. By placing a dimmer you can also use the basic lighting as mood lighting. High when you need lots of light and low (soft) to the atmosphere in your bedroom.

Work lighting

Now we have only talked about we have some basic lighting and ceiling lamps, hanging lamps and chandeliers. The next thing is the work lights, you must think of lighting to read or possibly for bedroom closet so you can determine your clothing choice.

To in bed nice to you direct light. You can think of wall lighting or lighting on your bedside table. By on both sides a light fixture places you can separately on and off making your eventual mate here don’t suffer from having to have when it wants to sleep. Please make sure that the switch on the fixture is so you can turn the lamp on and off easily. Nowadays we also have various models with a touch-dimmer, you can use the lamp on and off and Dim the fixture by simply touching it.

Below are some examples how both sides of the bed nice can relieve. Table lamps next to the bed provide atmosphere, it is beautiful but please note that substances hack as black light.

When you have possibilities to adjust the power connection in the ceiling is also very nice to have a hanging lamp above your bedside table to hang. This lets you create and direct light with a dimmer you can create any atmosphere.

We already mentioned before but under working lighting includes lighting for your bedroom closet. At a beautiful Cabinet also includes good lighting. It is fine if you can differentiate your clothing in the dark days of each other. You can choose for lighting in your closet, you can think of a led Strip but also can spot lights are ideal for your wardrobe. The disadvantage of this is if these are placed on the ceiling that you often stops the light as soon as you for your closet.

Mood lighting

Under the category mood lighting is indirect or diffused light. Diffuse lighting diffuses light in all directions, as mentioned earlier, you can some basic lamps through a dimmer even if mood lighting. Bedtime with a cap lamps provide a warm appearance, see the table lamps with black caps above. In short, the atmosphere is determined by the combination of lighting with each other. Please note that the dimmer is a very important part in creating atmosphere in you bedroom.

Also decorative lamps can give a rustic charm to your bedroom. These lamps are not functional but give your bedroom an added value at night but also during the day.

Accent lighting

You can use accent lighting to highlight in your bedroom in the spotlight. You need to think of a particular piece of furniture, artwork or for example a plant. The lighting that you can use are the best here for spots such as you see above. You can choose from various models and number of light sources. Pay attention that the enemy of the good.

Finally, we wish to alert you to the possibility of a wall for a decorative mirror. This has multiple benefits, it is well known that mirrors the space visually, they are decorative and ideal for the morning to see if everything is in place.

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