Interior ideas for each living room and bedroom

Interior ideas for each living room and bedroomSometimes they exchange what because I get a tip from someone. In addition, also taste changes every so often. Come here my interior design ideas:

1. great makes professional
I love big. The bigger the more professional and more solid it looks.

Large is also often easy, easy-to-read and understand. Look around you in your own living room and remember you once what stuff fall away because they are so small. If you’re a new lamp, for example, side table or going to buy new accessories, go for big, strong and robust.

2. Bedroom idea: platter or soffit above the bed
By chance, a Cove behind our own bed. And I would never want to live without it. My telephone, alarm clock, night light, water, iPad and read material lie on it.

Earlier layers on the ground. Awkward and messy, and that is over now! (in a small bedroom place you just a shelf from ikea above your bed)

You can also process, as elektra in is a plan of mine to the window decoration and the curtains with a remote control button. I have that once experienced in a chic hotel and found that really crazy, though it is perhaps what decadent to have at home

3. lighting in your home
Your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom only really get style with good light. That starts with the type of light that you buy at the grocery store. For cozy warm light you buy so no bright light or leds (though there are nowadays more attractive leds on the market).

Paid really close attention to light in your House. Let your advise, you will not regret it. A spot in the right spot and the right direction in can really do wonders with your interior.

Also not be mistaken in the power of indirect light. Indirect light is fine for the eye and creates a quiet and elegant environment.

4. Creative solutions
Sometimes it’s the most fun to something surprising with your interior. Something you will get a lot of comments, something that compleetout of the box. I love it!

5. Natural products in your home
Flowers love people. Nature works for a lot of people calming and relaxing. Make use of in your home. You can already start with very simple plants in your home. Also easy is to ensure that you view through the Windows green and colorful.

If you want to draw in further the nature what your interiors, then you can use a lot of wood in the rough. Only here does it to a large pieces of wood in the rough, that can provide a somewhat messy impression. But a small trunks stool or vase is super! Especially if you love a Brown living room then you with nature in your House well.

Not everyone finds it beautiful, but working with pebbles in a vase or in a reduced edge along the wall can also be beautiful.

These are my 5 super tips, but there is of course much more. Look in the menu above or to the left for even more read-and see food!

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