Interior Design Trends 2016

Interior Design Trends 2016What are the trends in interior design for 2016? According to experts and specialists in the field, the year 2016 will be the year of the interpretation of the various kinds of furniture. Styles, materials and colours will meet among themselves, creating new environments that reflect the personality of the owner. The vintage meets modern, ironic twist tradition, color matching bold and unexpected, will ensure that every home is unique and special. It only remains to continue to better understand what we are talking about.

As we have already mentioned, the trends in interior design for 2016, they try to disorient the Viewer by revealing himself always bold and unexpected. Nature is felt in all its forms, even in unusual environments such as the kitchen or the living room. But the real innovation comes in the careful attention to detail, ranging from the Organization of the design kitchen accessories available for the decorative items, ennobled by precious materials such as copper, brass or marble.

The natural component is strongly felt in the choice of materials for furniture, finishes and furnishings.

The marble back to talk about themselves, fascinating for its irregular veins, able to make anything; then there is wood in its various types of wood, concrete, stone and Cork. But nature also makes its appearance in the fantasies of wallpaper and fabrics, with images of lush forests and colorful flowers.

According to home trends for 2016, minimalist style is the favorite, interpreted in various contexts with elements from different epochs. The vintage is not lacking in objects and small appliances, the memo noted folk in any brightly colored textiles and exotic fantasies, Nordic touch is felt in the geometry of the accessories.

One of the greatest innovations coming in the bathroom, he turns more and more into an oasis of relaxation, in which indulge in endless moments of pleasure. Bathtubs with water Cascades, natural materials, latest technology transformed the home into a small bathroom Spa equipment. The icing on the cake is the green wall covered with real green plants: dream!

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