French Province Bedroom Decor Tips

If you want to make you bedroom feel like you’re living in France, looking into French themed furniture and décor is your answer. What constitutes a French style though? Traditional styles with a soft romantic attractiveness. In reality, the type of bedroom décor will certainly affect the overall theme you’re going for. If you have always wanted your bedroom to have and old world charm, this article is for you. Designing your bedroom in a French theme does not mean it has to be difficult.


Prior to doing anything, do your research. Find out what type of furniture, décor and paint shades you want. There are many different periods so make sure you research all of them before deciding on one. French furniture is typically known for their intricately carved paneling, gilt-like detailing and sophisticated designs and carvings. Try looking at some pictures on the internet so you get an idea of what it’ll look like.


Paint your bedroom in soft pale colors like white, beige or even cream. These tend to be popular styles in France. If you decide to go for a soft blue or green, balance out the room by opting for furniture that is darker. Local companies like F&B Painting can help you with suggestions on how to best achieve this look. Make sure the furniture or fabrics in which you choose actually go with the calming atmosphere of the room. Bear in mind too, that the shade in which you choose needs to be lively yet refined at the same time. Instead of painting, you also have the option to include European-inspired wallpapers. Toile, pinstripes, or plaid patterns are very popular.


The furniture that you select will ultimately be the focal point. It will be the main thing that will help give your room that old world feeling. Each piece of furniture that you select ought to bring out the essence of France.

The typical spotlight of any French-styled bedroom will be a four-poster bed. Look for a bed which includes elaborate designs and carvings and elaborate headboards. You will want the bed to be a cream color or perhaps solid cherry wood, depending on the color scheme of your bedroom. Finding a quality, authentic French bed can cost a lot. Rather than spend a fortune on that, pick a low-priced reproduction of unique France bed. No French themed bedroom is complete without a classic armoire. French armoires can literally look like an intricate work of art.


Hanging draperies together will definitely give your windows a true French style. Select drapes along with stunning damask, toile or flowered elements. French draperies are frequently associated with wrought iron rods and bronze tiebacks.

Area rugs

To emphasize the look of the bedroom, put an area rug below the bed. Pick rugs in the identical color as the sheets and curtains. You will certainly find area rugs with sophisticated detailing and attractive designs.

Additional furnishings suggestions

To enhance the old-fashioned feel of the bedroom, hang a cool chandelier or even lighting fixtures from the ceiling or wall. Vintage type lights will make a great addition to your French themed room. You can also look into table lamps with a figurine-like base.

Include soft bedroom pillows on furniture. People from France tend to style their beds or couches with a whole lot of trim, beads and adornments. Putting up some vintage looking paintings, along with old-fashioned picture frames can’t hurt either.

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