Design your small kitchen layout

Design your small kitchen layout  In the case of small kitchen layouts, you need to know and understand its basic principles in order to determine the best layout possible for your House. In the kitchen, the basic and important things you need to remember are the features to be able to identify the correct layout for your kitchen

The primary work or features of a kitchen contain:.

1. Preparation and cooking station – The basic appliances found here is your oven, microwave and range. It would be wise to save space and use a countertop in this section.

2. Wash or clean up station – Sink, dishwasher and disposal are the ones that lie here. For your convenience, should your Recycle Bin and roll-out tray baskets be inside a cupboard

3. Food storage station – Large items like refrigerators and pantry to store your feed is placed here

ensure that the three stations are strategically designed on a work triangle can help you with proper traffic flow in your kitchen.. Arbetstriangeln helps one to design or planning your small kitchen layout. This is done by pulling an imaginary triangle of the three primary workstations. As a rule of thumb, the perimeter of arbetstriangeln meters smaller than 26 feet.

Even if you have a small kitchen space, there are various small kitchen layouts that are more apt for your needs and lifestyle. Each of the four primary layouts have their own advantages.

1. G-shaped kitchen-this type of layout offers a huge amount of space with plenty of cupboard space, perfect for large families who need large storage areas, great for multiple cooking. In addition, the extra Cabinet leg into a breakfast nook or a minibar.

2. U-shaped kitchen-this is the most common type of layout because of its efficient work triangle. Like the G-shaped layout, can a Cabinet leg into a breakfast bar.

3. L-shaped kitchen-this layout provides a compact arbetstriangel and is the most flexible of all layouts.

Corridor/Galley Kitchen – this is very appealing and great for those that have a small kitchen space. It is good if this type of layout is that you can easily maneuver or stretch your appliances.

4. The internal wall/Pullman Kitchen – this is more suitable for modern, cabins, apartments and smaller homes that provide an open and airy feel

With this information, you can begin to plan and choose your small kitchen layout;. Always remember the work triangle concept and you will be able to renovate or find the perfect small kitchen layout that is right for you and your family.

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