Best Way To Build A Garden Shed

The first thing you need to check before attempting to build a garden shed is that you have permission to do it. Find out if you need planning permission before you move past the planning stage.

Don’t laugh, in some areas you may need planning permission to build a shed so it’s always best to check this first. Some shed plans include sheds that are really double garages or even bungalows. I’ve seen plenty of shed plans that are really small houses. One person’s shed is another persons house.

So check with the local authorities before you start getting your garden shed blueprints out.

Once you’ve done that, building a wooden garden shed or even constructing a shed using Armstrong Steel building kits  is not as difficult as you might think. In fact you’ll be surprised how easy it actually is..

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what you want the shed for. Be clear in your mind about what function the shed is going to fulfill. Is it for simply storing a few garden implements or have you something more in mind. Is it going to fulfill a recreation purpose as well as a storage role. You need to be sure what exactly it is you want before you begin.

If all you want is a place to store gardening tools, then you can knock a shed up in no time. If you’re looking for something more complicated then it’s going to be more complex and will take more time.

Be clear in your mind exactly what you want from your shed. You’re building it, so you can make it anyway you like. There’s some fantastic garden shed plans that are really cheap to buy and well worth the small investment to ensure you get a solidly built professional looking shed.

I got my shed plans from the internet and they were excellent value, they’re very detailed and follow a step by step building process with clear diagrams which even I had no trouble following.

Take your time finding a good set of plans, these are as essential as having all the right tools for the building process.

You don’t have to pay for shed blueprints, a search on the net will find you plenty, but be careful; I found many of the free shed plans to be poor quality and I couldn’t find the kind of shed I wanted, but have a search you might turn up exactly what you’re looking for.

Whichever way you choose; a plan for a garden shed is vital. You must have a plan or the whole project will end in disaster. A plan is a must.

You don’t need to be a master carpenter to build a shed. As long as you have a good plan to follow, and the plan must be detailed, then basic joinery skills will be enough, along with some good tools. A good plan for a garden shed is crucial though. They will save you a lot of heart ache and make the job a whole lot easier.

Basically all you’re building is four walls and a roof. You can add lots of things to it to personalize it but the basics are pretty simple. A good set of plans will keep you on course and focused throughout the project.


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