5 misunderstanding about laminate

5 misunderstanding about laminateThere are quite a few misunderstandings about laying and the properties of laminate and the subfloor that goes with it. This article describes five common misunderstandings discussed and refuted. Laminate is the last years improved significantly, causing many of the prejudices that have arisen can be easily disproved.

Misconception 1: laminate is easy to tie

Misunderstanding laminate flooring compared to a hardwood floor, which should be implemented by an expert who uses glue and nails, laminate is simpler. Watch here on the word ‘ easier ‘ in comparison with the word ‘ simple ‘. It is recommended that you first have to read about how to make a laminate flooring and associated subfloor should install before you start.

The first is to laminate planks be completely stripped of packaging and they need 48 hours in the room where they are placed. This is necessary to let the wood acclimate. The wood can shrink or grow larger by some millimeters the moisture content or the temperature in the room. Next, the floor on which laid the laminate floor is going to be be fully cleaned and any fungi should be removed. Then also not forget a moisture barrier or full subfloor to the laminate not crooked to go by. The bottom of the door should be done to make room for the thicker floor and then the shelves can be placed. Boards will need to be measured and where necessary. Please take the time and saw something rather too broad then too tight. At files is possible, new wood on paste unfortunately not. Also be aware that you have enough space (a few millimeters) between the floor and the wall so that the floor enough to expand. This ugly hole you can rid by a plinth.

As it turns out it is not so easy and quick to lay a laminate floor as often thought. It is possible, if you have the time take for reads and your good. Many handymen are you already gone before.

Misconception 2: laminate looks cheap from

Well, laminate flooring is a floor that pretends to another floor. It is designed to look like a hardwood floor. But not now think that a laminate floor looks cheap. If there is something that manufacturers of laminate have learned in the last years, the art of copying!

To laminate look like a real hardwood floor is there a pattern of a real hardwood tree copied on the shelves. The front runners in the world have developed a new way to laminate laminate look like a real hardwood floor. Edit them mold of the real wood with extra depth lines and bring texture to the shelves in order to simulate an even better result.

The really good laminate floors are almost impossible to distinguish from a real hardwood floor. A great advantage of this is that exclusive wood species are spared but available to any living room.

Misconception 3: laminate is over an existing floor

Laminate flooring and subfloor you can also online kopenHet can, but Nice is not. By impatience it is often done, the floor is simply laid over the existing floor. When removing the laminate after a few years there will be a nice surprise.

It is indeed a lot faster and easier to laminate flooring simply on the existing floor. This leads to a floor that is not tight, annoying runs and faster wear. Laminate planks are quite thin, so the floor below it should be smooth and tight to not to cause bumps in the laminate. So remove the existing floor, put a good underlay for years and you have much more fun of your new floor.

Misconception 4: laminate can not be put in the basement

This misunderstanding does have some truth. It’s simply depending on the type of laminate flooring that you choose. There are many different factors that manufacturers include in the production of the laminate. Below are also the factor vochtwerendheid. Please be so good on in the store or the laminate is suitable for damp areas.

In addition, it is necessary to impose an additional vochtbarriere laminate underlay and laminate to keep nice and straight. Note also when purchasing the subfloor well on the different properties. It is therefore possible to lay laminate in somewhat wet room if you pay attention what you purchase, you’re already preceded by many handymen.

Misconception 5: laminate absorbs quickly

Unless you want to lay laminate in the shower this is not true. As also in misunderstanding 4 explains can laminate fine against a little moisture if a good subfloor is placed.

Also dropping a glass of water does not hurt as long as it’s not and has time in the wood. Laminate can even be mopped. This may be because the plates are all finished with a moisture barrier that to some extent well against moisture. With a good subfloor laminate is rising damp also no problem.

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