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LIGHTING TIP: "THE BEDROOM"By a certain kind of lamps to choose the atmosphere in a room is directly determined. Not for nothing is well chosen lighting according to interior designers to determine the most important aspect to atmosphere in a room.

This lighting tip is dedicated to the bedroom. By combining the right lighting your bedroom is not just a place to sleep but also to relax after a busy day. Lighting creates atmosphere, highlighting and decoration.

What kinds of lighting we distinguish?

General lighting

The light fixture to the ceiling in the bedroom is ideal for general lighting. You can think of a ceiling lamp, hanging lamp or chandelier. Please take into account the height of your ceiling because you want to be able to walk underneath them. We recommend a lamp which has a decent light intensity in may so that when you’re in your bedroom you enough light has to walk around or to see yourself in the mirror. We here give you some examples of bedrooms with combined the lamps that will do well as general lighting. By placing a dimmer you can also use the basic lighting as mood lighting. High when you need lots of light and low (soft) to the atmosphere in your bedroom.
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Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasRenovate a small bathroom to give the impression that is larger, can be done by changing some elements of the room. The amount of light in a bathroom, setting tile, simple design ideas can be used to create the visual sensation of a larger room. A bathroom does not need major remodeling work and can be completed in a few simple steps.

Change of fixtures can easily update a small private bathroom. Popular finishes include nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Make sure that the lighting is bright enough for all bathroom areas are well lit, including the areas of shower. Additional lighting can be added by installing the recessed lights or track lighting, wall sconces. Matching hardware and toilet paper holders can be found in the same finishes to make coordination of the gaze.

Tiles and vinyl floors are common in bathrooms. Water and other spills are easy to clean these surfaces. Vinyl flooring can be applied in individual squares or a large roll and will be less expensive than tile. Tiles in porcelain and ceramics and has different degrees of water absorption. Tile runtime in a diagonal line, since this will create the longest eye visually, allowing that the room seems larger. Due to the small space in the bathroom, compare the prices of all products. Using a more expensive item possible because the amount needed is much less than the larger projects.

Sinks and cabinets
There are two styles of sinks – pedestal sink independent and does not require a vanity as well as sinks that must be mounted to a cabinet base. When you renovate a small bathroom, a pedestal sink that occupy less space, are however provided storage. Extras may also contain a small toilet towels and soaps in drawers and cabinets. Additional storage space can be used by installing additional cabinets on toilets as well as vertical storage compartments made specifically for a small bathroom.
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Basic information about copper roofs

Basic information about copper roofsWe all have had problems, or at least we had something to do with copper roofs, or perhaps we should speak of copper roofs bestowing a tone of provisional nature relating to the subject matter. Yet, in hindsight, doing a market survey on specialized sites in the industry or other forums in which you read the opinions about copper roofs and other forms of roofing you should maybe think again at least partly because the copper roofs appear much more than a temporary and provisional.

One of the first factors to be taken into consideration when we are dealing with copper roofs primarily concerns the very wide range of destinations and using the device under test. Because, if you look closely of course we refer to copper roofs, but there are also different possibilities for copper roofs.

Moreover, by examining only a few of the most common ways of using copper roofs, we can easily see that the copper roofs have different and varied destinations of choice. In fact, the copper roofs can serve both in the garage which in their backyard, and out to the balcony or veranda. And in this quick list, surely we will have missed a series of destinations at all suited to the main types of copper roofs.

But, as is our good habit has been established, it is appropriate to bear in mind our objective which is the goal of guiding our reader in selecting underlying a common roof in our country. And then, inevitably, in trying to identify the main features and the best sides and flaws that could take us to scrap the use of copper roofs.
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All about the plumber – plumbing Guide

All about the plumber - plumbing Guide  PLUMBER
A sanitary Installer still called plumber is a person who deals with repairing leaks, uncorking, repair, installation and maintenance of health facilities and related piping.

In addition to do quality work, a good plumber must be graduate and have skills to carry out his work. It must be healthy, available at any time, punctual, etc.

The plumber must be methodical, hardworking, flexible, quick and attentive when its multiple interventions. In an emergency, it must be able to take the relevant initiatives at the appropriate time. With a relational good, it needs to know to reassure his client explaining “why and how” of the facts. It must be able to gain the trust of his client by establishing a clear and transparent quotation at reasonable prices.


The areas of intervention of a plumber are extensive and varied. We can mention among others:

-The installation of treatment and sanitary cold water distribution networks,
-The production and distribution of hot water installation: installation of the preparers of domestic hot water (electric water heater, water heater gas instantaneous and accumulation).
-The installation and connection of valves,
-The connection of the fixtures to the wastewater system (networks of sewage, ventilation and aeration of some premises and piping works)
-Maintenance and repair of existing facilities: pipe clogs,
-The capture and evacuation of rainwater,
-The installation of heating and gas after the gas meter network.
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Getting Help to Repair Your Air Conditioner

If you are a resident of Columbus who needs a reliable professional help to fix your malfunctioning air conditioner, there are two ways you can get such help. First, you can get it from the company or retailer that sells the air conditioner to you, and second, you can call an independent repairer or repair shop that provides AC service Columbus. Air conditioner must always be kept in operating condition in order to guarantee comfort in your building. A malfunctioning air conditioner must be repaired as soon as possible, especially because if it is left unrepaired, the damage may worsen and adversely affect the environment. Certain air conditioner-related problems may be fixable with DIY works, but there are problems that can only be handled by a professional.

Many companies and retailers that provide you with air conditioner and help install it on your house mostly offer you a chance to enroll in service contract. As long as this contract is in effect, you will get reliable help from them. If your air conditioner is still in the warranty period, you will get all necessary services for free, unless the warranty policies state otherwise. If your air conditioner is outside the warranty period, you can still enjoy affordable service as long as you still hold this contract.

If your service contract is expired or you don’t have such contract, one alternative way to get help to repair your air conditioner is by calling an independent air conditioner repairer. Some repairers provide one-time service whereas the others may offer service contracts. It is up to you to pick a choice that you consider the best. If you only need one-time help, you can opt for the former. If you want your air conditioner to be inspected regularly, the latter choice is considered better and more cost-effective.