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Laminate Floors are Popular

Laminate floors are popularThe floorboards are getting wider

The boards of laminate were first mostly 19 cm wide. They are they now in different width sizes. There is now also XXL laminate and floorboards up 32.6 cm wide. That not only looks very good, it’s also easy. That saves a saw and thereby is a lot faster in your floor.

Realistic prints

Laminate from years ago was still clearly identifiable as laminate. It looked plastic-like out and the print was often so artificial that the quick fake looked like. Nowadays is very different. The prints on the laminate parts of now, are becoming more realistic. Laminate of good quality with a wood print is hardly more from real parquet.

Especially wood motifs

Laminate with wood structure is by far the most popular. But occasionally you will see also some more distinct and unexpected patterns and motifs. As these three examples below with a printed text, a kind of cowhide pattern and old-fashioned tiles of Parador laminate. Separately, but a bit busy maybe. You can at least all sides out.
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Modular Building; Act social, think business

Modular Building; Act social, think business  The Dutch housing market offers opportunities for modular building: homes that can be realized quickly, easily customizable or portable and, at the same time, comfort and durability.

‘ Live ‘ calls for building The new homes that are feasible for different target groups, by them quickly and at a reasonable price. With the Sarda modular system is any kind of temporary housing. The system is used for students and in healthcare. The Sarda modular system retains its economic value because of the possibility to full remontabel and with simple interventions can be adapted to the wishes of a new type of occupant. A nice question, with a nice solution.

A housing market that are continuously in motion, which calls for flexibility; so asks the current hazing to flow-through housing and aging to care homes. The market demands now and in the future to flexible solutions when it comes to live.

Advantages of the modular system:
• Suitable for smaller living spaces, such as student housing, elderly housing or care
• Office space
• Build up to 5-6 floors
• Easy portable for reuse on other location
• Ideal for temporary housing
• Different possibilities in façade finish
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Ideas for Decorating a Deluxe Room

Ideas for Decorating a Deluxe Room  Deluxe room designs are able to combine a cosy, comfortable and elegant atmosphere. A bedroom is the heart of all households and is that thanks to these rooms we can rely to give 100% in our day to day. For this reason the bedroom decoration is important to find physical and emotional rest. Then we teach you some ideas to decorate a deluxe room:

-Lighting and lights: in a luxury bedroom to play with lighting and lights is essential; for example, the pendant lamps offer much glamour or embedded lamps work which has a low power consumption and not koppány almost space.
-Bedside table: is another classic luxury items that can not miss. You can choose some of elegant design and which also can serve as a storage place for control visual disorder.
-Cushions or pillows: over bed creating beautiful compositions and design. They are elegant details in the decoration of a bedroom.
-Small plants in your bedroom: providing a nice detail creating spaces that gather the best design. They are always good partners to make the bedroom look and feel more luxurious.
-Colors: light colors are one of the keys in this style of decoration, marking all of its lines and details. They must also combine with selected furniture.
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Bathroom Design ideas to create a bathroom with modern theme

Bathroom Design ideas to create a bathroom with modern theme  Bathroom today is more than just a room in your home where you go to have a bath, brush your teeth or use the toilet. It is also the haven where you can relax and get away from all the pressures that came with your day. Therefore you will find that the bathroom today are being designed with walk-in showers with four or five heads, Towel warmers, a place for TV and newspapers and soap dispensers for a more luxurious feel.

The modern design includes the use of stainless steel, mirrors, space, neutral tones, black and white and straight lines to achieve a great sense of peace and comfort. With the help of a structure of this kind will definitely make you feel for visiting spa or a place for quiet ever time you choose to visit. Here are some great bathroom design ideas to help you achieve the decor of your bathroom.

Aim for simplicity – the main theme of modern bathrooms are simplicity, this is done to make the space look spacious and simple, yet elegant. To do this, you want to use as few colors as possible and use colors that are soft and soothing. Most people tend to go for neutral tones at the same time, a small black and white. Lines may also be included, but keep it simple. You want to keep your surfaces smooth and stay away from the intricate designs or any mess
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